Vaginal Steam at Home - A How-To Guide

Contraindications - Do Not Steam If:

  1. You are pregnant

  2. After ovulating and trying to conceive

  3. If you have experienced spontaneous bleeding and irregular periods in the past three months



  1. Are first time steamers

  2. Have short menstrual cycles (27 days or less)

  3. Are IUD users

  4. Prone to infections

  5. Normally run hot (have hot flashes, sweat a lot)

  6. Are under the age of 13

  7. Are prone to fresh spotting

  8. Are prone to spontaneous bleeding / have 2 periods a month


It is not recommended to exceed 30 minute steam sessions for anyone




Pot that holds 8 cups of water

Heat source to boil water (stove, burner)

Pot Holders

2 Towels, A Sheet, or a Gown to Wrap Around Yourself

Steam Herbs

Measuring Spoon

Optional - Steam Stool, Box, or Chair & Cheese Cloth or Metal Tea Holder to Store the Tea



  1. Bring water to a boil
  2. Once boiled, turn off heat & allow to steep for 10 minutes
  3. While steeping, set up your steaming area, urinate, and grab a drink to bring with you
  4. Place pot on floor or steam chair
  5. Test the temp so you don’t burn your skin
  6. Steam for 10-30 min depending on your sensitivities
  7. Once done, you can return the herbs and water to the ground / flush down the toilet



  1. Never Steam with anything plastic (bowls, seats) as hormone disrupting toxins will be released
  2. Urinate before steaming
  3. Test steam before sitting down. Do not get burnt.
  4. Bring water or tea with you
  5. Wipe at the end
  6. A steam session may activate an emotional release so many people prefer to schedule it before bedtime or a nap


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