The 16 best baby strollers of 2024, per experts and a new mom

Shopping for a baby stroller isn’t as easy as going to the store, choosing a random find and calling it a day.

Instead, you have to think about what your child needs, how often the stroller will be used, your travel habits, family size, budget and more.

To put it bluntly, it can become overwhelming. Especially because welcoming a new human into the world also includes purchasing endless outfits, diapers, securing the right playpen and understanding what food is right for your child — among many other things.

To aid in your stroller shopping journey, we reached out to three parenting experts — top mommy influencers Katie Stauffer and Ssonia Ong, as well as the founder of Mothership NYC, Miranda Padilla. The shopping team has also tested some top strollers firsthand and included some of our picks below.

Keep reading to discover the best strollers of 2024 and for an exclusive interview with the mommy influencer herself. Want to skip right to the interview? Then click here.

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