6 best baby bottles of 2024, according to pros (moms and child experts)

Baby drinking out of bottle

If you feel like you’re feeding your baby all day long — you probably are.

Especially in those early days, it seems like the bottle-feeding and breastfeeding sessions never stop. As a mom of an eight-month-old, I am speaking from experience. With so much time and energy focused on ensuring your baby is properly fed, it’s inevitable to wonder if you’re using the best bottles.

Whether you are buying bottles for the first time, or considering trying out a new brand, there is a range of great options to choose from. Many new parents start with popular brands like Dr. Brown’s, MAM and the Joovy Boob. However, every baby has different bottle preferences and nipple needs. Some might be slower sippers, seemingly taking an hour or more to finish a bottle, while others might slurp down their bottle far too fast (like my daughter), which can cause gassiness.

It’s also not uncommon for babies to struggle with nipple confusion and latching, especially when they go between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. With so many points to consider, we decided it would be best to consult a certified lactation counselor for some advice. The New York Post spoke with Miranda Padilla, the Founder of The Mothership NYC. As a mother herself, Padilla also has firsthand experience using many baby bottle brands.

If you would like to head right to Padilla’s interview before shopping, jump down to the expert recommendations section. Otherwise, read on for the top baby bottle brands according to Padilla — with in-depth reviews from a couple of brands that have been tested (and approved) by my own daughter.

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