Last week, I went to this event hosted by Tatianna Tarot and Heal Haus in Brooklyn, Portal to the Ancestors: A Workshop on Ancestral Reverence and Divination.  I highly recommend you follow both. It was amazing and Tatianna educated and guided a room full of women thru a meditation so that we may learn how to receive messages from our ancestors.  We can get into this into a later blog post, but my ancestors have been basically screaming in my ear that the way I am able to receive messages from them is thru meditation.

Recently, I have found it harder than usual to relax my body and sit still enough to meditate.  Today, I prefer guided meditations. Ask me again tomorrow. Lol. In my research for guided meditations, I stumbled upon an app called Liberate.

Story Time: I usually make it to my local gym’s yoga class, but this one time, my soul just needed extra stillness, and midway thru the class, the yoga instructor played...the Dawson’s Creek intro. I could not get jiggy with that shit.  My peace suddenly disturbed by the vision of James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, the rest of the cast, their extensive vocabulary and teen angst, I had to laugh. 


The Liberate App contains the largest free & centralized library of dharma talks and guided meditations from Teachers of Color. There are sections with topics including Ancestors, The Body, Gratitude, Love, Micro Aggressions, and more. Users. The practices are between five to 20 minutes.  

I also find that I meditate in different ways. I can play the guided meditations while sitting or laying.  I like to listen to the sounds of waves.  I also find exercise to be a preferred form of meditation for me.  Any hobby that brings you peace can serve as this for you.  I know some people who even clean as a form of meditation.  

What are your preferred methods?  Have any questions? Share your knowledge and tips below.

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