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Virtual Birth Package

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Virtual Birth Package

  • Two virtual prenatal meetings (up to 2 hours each) to clarify your birth preferences, create a birth plan, and review birth education material (includes your partner or other support people, if applicable)
  • Individually tailored support based on client’s needs
  • Ongoing support via email, text, and phone, consulting on any issue necessary
  • 24/7 on-call labor support from 37 weeks on until birth
  • Phone & text support from the moment you think you’re in labor
  • Video presence & coaching via Zoom, Skype,  FaceTime, etc once the need for continuous support arises
  • One virtual postpartum follow up (up to 1 hour) and additional resources as needed


Tips for Virtual Support

  • We recommend you use an iPad, laptop, or phone and set it up in the room that you will spend most of your labor in. The use of a clip or stand will help your doula see a bigger picture, allowing her to better give you tips on positioning, etc.
  • Your doula will be able to observe your contractions, give options for comfort measures & pain management, help decide when to call your provider, provide tips for your birth partner to use to support you, when and what to eat, what to expect and so much more
  • If / when you are at the hospital you would set your phone or ipad near the bed. Your doula will  continue to breathe and practice comfort measures with you, suggest positions, and help you make informed decisions or get questions answered
  • You and your partner will be alone in the labor and delivery room for most of the time. Your doula will be a grounding, helpful presence who will provide evidence based information on hospital procedures and assist in honoring your birth plan
  • After your baby’s birth, your doula will be available to help with any nursing and baby care guidance.  Your doula will help prepare you for your return home - about 24 hours after birth - now a shorter stay due to the pandemic


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Interested? Email: Mom@TheMothershipNYC or book your complimentary virtual consultation/ doula interview here.  Do not purchase until you have had your complimentary virtual consultation.