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Postpartum Doula Packages

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A Mothership Doula will enter your home to be

your support, your way,

without judgment or opinions. The role of a postpartum doula is adaptable depending on your individualized needs, but the focus is on supporting the parent(s) during the first 3 months with a new baby, also known as the fourth trimester. Many cultures have the mother on bedrest for 40 days straight after childbirth, as it is an extremely important recovery and bonding time for mother and baby.  Your doula will anticipate your recovery needs, taking care of everything during her time at your home, so you are able to rest and get to know your baby.  

Your Mothership Doula is trained in both supporting the new parent and newborn care, ready to tackle your family's every need. She makes helpful suggestions, does light household management, and provides newborn education. Meal plans, nutrition plans, scheduling nighttime/sleep doula hours, and breastfeeding consultations are all options to discuss in advance. The first few months with a new baby are a very transformative time, the biggest life adaptation you and your family will experience. Let a Mothership Doula gently support and guide your family as you confidently glide into parenthood. Some families hire help for the first week, others prefer ongoing support over the first few months.

Services include: non-judgmental support with necessary household management including: newborn care/feeding/soothing, support for birth recovery/rest, sibling care, meal prep and tidying, organizing the nursery, errands, laundry, etc


Postpartum Care Packages 

  • All Postpartum Care Packages Include Home Visits (4 hour minimum) which may include:  Lactation Counseling, Postpartum Healing Education/Support, Partner Involvement, Newborn Care and Education (techniques to soothe your baby, baby-wearing, infant massage), Meal Prep / Nutrition Care, Light Housekeeping and Sibling Care, Screening for Postpartum Mood Disorders, Additional Resources / Referrals as Needed]

Postpartum Care Package I - $900

  • Five Postpartum Home Visits 

Postpartum Care Package II - $1700

  • Ten Postpartum Home Visits 

Postpartum Care Package III - $2500

  • Fifteen Postpartum Home Visits 

Postpartum Care Package IIII - $3200

  • Twenty Postpartum Home Visits 


*Packages must be scheduled within 30 days of birth / purchase.

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